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Meet the Link+

Link+ is a Hub/Gateway that links to FDA approved devices to help monitor hypertension, diabetes, obesity, SPO2 with heart rate, and temperature to yield a very complete picture of a person’s overall well-being.



Transitional Care Management

The Transitional Care Management (TCM) concept is for the physician, which includes an MD, DO, and non-physician practitioners like Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Clinical Nurse Specialists or Clinical Nurse Midwives, to oversee.

The goal of TCM is to avoid having the patient readmitted to a hospital. The components include interactive contact, certain non-face-to-face services and face-to-face visits.



Emergency Response

Your patients will feel safe knowing that help is just the push of a button away. The emergency response feature still maintains its classic functionality but with a new seamless look.


Remote Patient Monitoring

According to the latest survey of state laws and policies by the American Telemedicine Association, four out of every five US states have moved to improve Telehealth coverage or reimbursement over the past two years. But like so many other reports issued during that time, the ATA analysis found that each state is doing its own thing with connected care, so that a healthcare provider.

The release of the 2019 Physician Fee Schedule Rule from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services opened more doors for the use of remote patient monitoring in hospitals and health systems still operating in a fee-for-service financial model. In the rule, CMS released three new codes that support reimbursement for remote monitoring programs, offering providers a way to deploy programs and see financial return.


The Company

LiveCare was founded in 2016 with a mission to take the PERS (Personal Emergency Response) industry into the 21st century by creating a line of technologies that combines the traditional Emergency Response features with the direct access to Reimbursable Home Care Services, Telehealth & RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring). Our subscription fee is fully reimbursable by both Medicare & Medicaid.

The company was founded by Peri Avitan and Uri Levine. CEO Peri Avitan, who recognized a gap in the emergency response market after working 17 years in the industry together with Uri Levine (Waze) as a mentor and lead investor brought LiveCare to become the most innovative Personal Emergency Response Company in the market.

With over 30 years of combined experience across research & development, sales and understanding of the user mentality, team LiveCare is based in NYC.


LiveCare, 17th Floor, 252 W 37th Street, New York, NY 10018